Here you can find general Nijuu news and release information.

6th January 2011

Thanks to Alex Chakour who found an error in the manual concerning the ECHO command. I'd added an extra parameter to the command when I created the 'Cleptoplank' track but had forgotten to update the manual to reflect this change. The latest version of Nijuu now has the correct information and can be found on the Downloads page.

As a bonus I've also uploaded the source files to the 'Cleptoplank' track (on the Downloads page). It uses a lot of crazy stuff (as you can probably tell from the track) which you Nijuu users will find interesting - including several undocumented experimental commands that I'd developed for the track itself. If anyone wants to know more about these commands drop me a line.

Note that the track needs to be played at 3 times the 'normal' speed so you'll need to build a .NSF file to hear it properly - a ROM of the track will sound really, really slow.

18th November 2009

First public release of Nijuu.